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CursorUS Version 1.9

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CursorUS - Erhalten Sie neue Funktionen für den Mauszeiger, die es in Windows nicht gibt

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Want to make your mouse do things that are outside the limitations of your Windows OS? Want to get rid of some cumbersome behavior once the mouse cursor reaches the corner of your monitor screen and doesn’t move any further?
Then it’s time to use CursorUs, a helpful little utility that lets you use the mouse cursor continuously. It expands your desktop in a way that instead of navigating the mouse cursor from the top of your display to the bottom, this application offers shortcut functionality for achieving the same. Simply flick the mouse from the top corner of the screen and it will appear at the bottom of the screen.
This utility saves time for owners of high resolution and giant display screens’ where moving your mouse around is a long process. To save users from this particularly arduous and long-drawn process, the mouse cursor simply extends itself beyond the display’s borders.
The application even supports the feature of hotkeys that can toggle the extension of mouse cursor effects on-demand. The software features full support for all manner of input devices such as optical mouse, trackballs, stylus, etc. The program also runs in the background and can be brought up from the system tray, giving users access to all common features and functions. Use the ‘options’ menu to expand on the functions of the mouse cursor as it reaches the edge of the screen.


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